Snyder Construction is unique in its quality and services. Our company has been in business since 1982 and incorporated since August 8th,1988. Comprised of talented and dedicated individuals, Snyder Construction is a company with professionalism.

Frank Snyder started Snyder Construction in 1982 after graduating from the Civil Engineering program at the University of Waterloo. Due to his past experience and interest in construction, he began a general contracting company.

Jane Snyder joined the company in 1990 with a background in Economics, Marketing and Nutrition & Safety. The family business is almost 40 years in operation. The addition of Alex Snyder, a graduate of Financial Management Accounting, and Philip Snyder, an Engineering graduate, has set the stage for growth in the future decades.

A variety of factors contributed to the growth of the company: diligence, technological improvements, and industry know-how, and employee strength, advanced the volume of business and the client-base.


The superior quality of Snyder Construction has given us a solid reputation in our field. We work with our clients to achieve this quality within a given price range.

The services we provide to our clients include design/build, professional contract management and time & material project management. Satisfying the individual needs of our client is an important part of each project.

Snyder Construction has a professional engineer on staff, a trained safety officer and licensed carpenters. Our staff are well educated in the construction industry and keep in touch with the latest technology in the field.

Our responsibility to our communities, cities and even the planet is important to us. We support many local business and industry organizations. Our responsibility to preserve the planet and “build green” is a consideration with projects we work on.